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Satellite Repair Services
It’s often wrongly assumed that any problems with satellite dishes means buying a whole new dish and box as well but usually the fault is a minor one which can be repaired at a fraction of the cost and often within minutes!

Fast Satellite Repair Response
Call out Mays Aerials and we’ll provide a fast service to sort out your satellite issues! We can run a full Satellite diagnostic to pinpoint the source of the problem if it isn’t immediately obvious. Our Satellite Repairers carry a van full of equipment and tools needed to do a full repair there and then – no waiting around or booking additional appointments.

Satellite Dish Repairs
Satellite dishes are not indestructible and can suffer all kinds of damage through birds, tree branches, squirrels and inclement weather. Mays Aerials provide a full satellite dish repair service that includes realignment of your dish, re-tuning of your satellite box and TV, replacement parts that come with a year’s warranty and/or repositioning your Satellite Dish if it is in danger of further damage.

Satellite Box Repairs
Mays Aerials employ professional technical engineers who can get to the heart of the problem with any satellite box of any make. We’ll run a full diagnostic check to get to the bottom of the problem and if we can fix it there and then we will. We’ll even re-tune your TV for you once it’s fixed and will give your satellite box a thorough servicing to ensure there are no further problems.

Cable Extensions/Replacements
If it’s your cable at fault then we can offer cable extensions or brand new internal or external cable along with connections which will be checked for efficiency.

Satellite Updates
If we think you can benefit from satellite updates then we will give you the choice of updating your current satellite system to a more efficient and reliable one. However if your current system is working fine and receiving a clear, uninterrupted signal then we won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.
Mays Aerials are not affiliated with any TV or Satellite package so we don’t receive commissions for sales. What that means is that you get independent advice and an honest, efficient service.

Free Quotes/Estimates
Once we’ve had a review of what is required we will give you a full estimate for the work so you know exactly what you are paying. Our prices are highly competitive and our quotes have no hidden charges or extra costs.
So don’t compromise on Satellite Repair Services, head direct for the best and let Mays Aerials handle the problem!