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Mobile Phones Repairs

    Mobile Phone Repairs and Unlocking
         The East London's number one Electronics repair centre!

             Mobile Phone Repairs

   Our workshop has the latest Mobile phone diagnostic equipment in order to fully diagnose and repair   your handset. We have the tools and expertise to repair most makes and models.

  Get your mobile phone repaired »

  Mobile Phone Unlocking

   Just bought a new phone, but it's on the wrong network? Need your handset to work abroad? We can unlock most phones while-u-wait!

  Get your mobile phone repaired »

We offer a "fast track" repair service. This means that your repair will either by done while you wait (if brought in), or same day (if posted). Click here for details of the price for this new service.


We are the leading mobile phone repair centre in the UK. We can repair and unlock 99%

of mobile phones in the market.


We have recently expanded our 'state of the art' workshop to be able to offer a greater number of mobile phone repairs and a higher level of service. We have recently added PDA repairs and laptop repairs to our list of services.


We deal with basic repairs like broken LCD replacements, speaker, microphone and charging problems. We also offer high level component replacement like the treatment of liquid damage and physical damage. We are constantly upgrading our mobile phone unlocking systems this means we can unlock the latest phones. Click here for mobile phone unlocking services.

                                                                                    OUR SERVICES

                Data (Phone Book) Recovery / Retrieval                    
                Liquid Damage Treatment
                Speaker or Microphone Faults
                LCD problems
                Housing / Chassis Replacements
                Flip / Slide Problems

Power Faults
Software problems (phone crashes)
Charging Problems
Dropped / Physical Damage Phones
Unlocking / SIM Restriction Removal
No reception / no signal


Our mobile phone repairs and mobile phone unlocking services are available to the trade and we also offer corporate accounts for companies. We can offer tailor made maintenance plans to cater to all your companies mobile phone repairs, PDA repairs, laptop repairs.
If you have any questions about our mobile phone repairs or mobile phone unlocking services please do not hesitate to contact us 0208 5396655